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82 Academy.Collections (Trim).png Academy.Collections

Academy.Collections provides a set of collections and algorithms to ease your code when managing data in memory. With a reduced number of definitions, a lot of new features and the same presentation patterns used by Microsoft in the System.Collections namespaces definitions, your code experience will be as comfortable and intuitive as always has been.
The collections presented do not pretend to better any functionality or idea already treated by the System.Collections definitions, but provide a new set of features that expand your boundaries when using the Microsoft .NET Framework.

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  • Compatibility
  • DisjointSet<TKey, TValue> In Process
  • IMatrix<T> In Process
  • IMatrixArithmeticHelper<T> In Process
  • IMatrixVectorView<T> In Process
  • ISortedCollection<T> In Process
  • Matrix<T> In Process
  • MatrixArithmeticHelper<T> In Process
  • MatrixDataOrder In Process
  • MatrixEntry<T> In Process
  • MatrixEntryCollection<T> In Process
  • PriorityQueue<T> In Process
  • ReadOnlySortedSet<T> In Process
  • SortedLinkedList<T> In Process
  • SparseMatrix<T> In Process
  • TriangularBase In Process
  • TriangularMatrix<T> In Process

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